Richard Vivenzio is an inter-disciplinary artist formerly based in Brooklyn, New York who has been living in Costa Rica since the beginning of 2023. Through sculpture and installation, Vivenzio’s work explores interior and exterior space through tangible and perceived intervention. Using everyday materials along with light, shadow, and gravity, his compositions attempt to draw visual conclusions to how the unseen affects perception, exemplified by the intangible materials being as important as the physical. Using this concept, Vivenzio has shed light upon the effects of climate change and the ramifications of metastatic pollution and consumerism, while striving to create the work sustainably. 

Vivenzio received an MFA in Fine Art from The School of Visual Art (SVA) in 2016. In recent years he has shown at The New House Center of Contemporary Art NY, Las Cruces Gallery at the Southwest Environmental Center NM, Rockefeller Center NY (in collaboration with The Climate Museum and The United Nations Environmental Program) and The C. Rockefeller Center (Dresden, DE). Additionally, they have been included in fairs—Pulse Art Fair-Projects and Flux Art Fair—and have been published in Hyperallergic, Artnet, and Time Out Magazine. 


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