NFT Statment:

Cliff Lines, 2019

String, Anchors, Shadow, Natural Setting

Cliff Lines is site specific, installation piece, created by Richard Vivenzio in 2019. Anchored into the compacted sand of Sunset Cliffs, in Ocean Beach, California, a yellow string intersects the natural landscape, drawing your eyes into the Pacific. The lines are jarring, and unruly, like static coming from the earth. The work is a visual metaphor, of the all consuming, environmental crisis we are currently in. A portion of proceeds will goto The Nature Conservancy to offset the carbon footprint of the NFT in the blockchain. 

There is no digital manipulation in this photo, except for minor color correction.

Cliff Lines, 2019 is the first NFT of its kind. The collector will be owning the token, which is a photo of the installation, but also the actual sculpture for the time it was tangible. The new owner of this work will own the sculpture, which lived in physical form; January 4th, 2019 3:26pm-3:54 pm PST. Additionally, I will send the collector a piece of string from the actual installation and signed letter of authenticity. Please contact me for this with a mailing address. 

Photos of this work have been exhibited twice:

2019 Las Cruces Art Gallery, Las Cruces, NM “The Face of Climate Change”

2020 Mobius Photo, Brooklyn, NY (online) “Landscapes” 

Any further showing, of photographs, from this sculpture will be on loan from the collector.They will have the option of having they're name with the piece as the loaner if desired. This is a very new concept, as it is for the first time a way to collect ephemeral installations. 

Richard Vivenzio is a sculptor practicing in Brooklyn, NY receiving his MFA in Fine Art from The School of Visual Art in 2016. Through sculpture and installation, Vivenzio’s work explores interior and exterior space through tangible and perceived intervention. Using common materials, light, shadow, and gravity, his work draws visual conclusions to how the unseen affects reality. He has shown at; The New House Center of Contemporary Art, C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts, Usage Gallery NY, The Hole Gallery, participated in fairs including; Pulse Art Fair-Projects, and Flux Art Fair and has been published in Hyperallergic, Artnet, and Time Out Magazine. 

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